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The article discusses Arsenic Water Parker South Dakota in detail, with an in-depth analysis of what the risks are for human health.

Arsenic is one of the most dangerous substances found in drinking water, but are Milbank drinking water with arsenic levels above state and federal limits? There are many articles online that have people questioning whether or not they should be drinking this water.

What is the Arsenic Water Parker South Dakota?

Arsenic is a toxin that can be found in many common water sources.  The Environmental Protection Agency has set a public health goal of no more than 5 parts per billion (ppb) for arsenic in drinking water.” The EPA recommends that if arsenic levels exceed 5 ppb, people should drink tap water instead of using bottled or filtered water.

The city of Parker South Dakota tested its tap water and found that it had an arsenic level of 10 ppb. After testing, the city decided to turn off its main feed from the north fork of the White River until they could get their arsenic levels down below 5 ppb. Now, they are using a reverse osmosis system to purify their water.

The main source of arsenic in Parker water is from agricultural runoff. Arsenic can also come from copper mining and other industrial activities. If you are concerned about your exposure to arsenic,

Why Should You Be Concerned About Arsenic in Your Water?

However, some wells in Milbank South Dakota contain levels of arsenic that exceed this limit.

Arsenic can cause cancer in humans, especially if it’s consumed over a long period of time. In addition, arsenic can lead to other health problems, including:

Nerve damage

Skin problems

Hair loss and baldness

Memory loss and difficulty concentrating

Infections, such as pneumonia and tuberculosis

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