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Water Softeners

Whether you require installations, water inspections or repairs, our professional technicians can get you the information required to make the best choice for your family’s water needs. From drinking to cooking to bathing, we offer Solutions that provide you and your family with clean clear water every day.


The Hague WaterMax is a patented comprehensive water treatment system. Not just a water softener! In addition to clean, soft water, the WaterMax offers a host of advantages over conventional water softeners by saving:

As much as 80% less time

Cleaner Bathrooms, Less Labor

With soft water, you eliminate the need to scrub soap scum. Think of all the things you would rather do than clean up hard water problems…

As As much as 50% less regenerate

 With our absolute brining feature, the salt used to regenerate our system can be reduced in half which means less time hauling salt down to the basement.

As much as 50% less soap

 Cleaner, Brighter Laundry and Dishes

You’ll see the difference. Soft water allows you to save up to 50% on soap products for laundry washing and 70% on soap products for dishwashing by simply allowing soap to do its job.

Up to 80% less water used

With our patented design use 80% less water during regeneration, which saves on your water bills.

As much as 30% savings in plumbing maintenance & hot water energy

 Hard water is hard on your plumbing and the damage that results costs you money. Hard water also builds up a layer of scale in your water heater. Did you know that as little as 1/8″ of scale could increase your water heating costs 30%?

WaterMax Features

  • 25-year limited warranty                                                                              
  • Solid-state system control  
  • Hague patented control valve
  • Hague patented tank design
  • Built-in 20 micron whole-house filter

Customizable multi-compartment tank

  • Directional flow screens
  • Built-in bypass with test port
  • Bacteriostatically-protected resin bed
  • Power outage protection
  • Capacity guard
  • Absolute brining feature
  • Safety shut-off
  • Fill pug
  • Grid plate
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